Transfer complex science into clear, targeted medical campaigns

Whether you’re trying to motivate medical experts, educate patients or engage journalists, you need clear, targeted medical content. Crafted for their specific needs and their preferred media. In plain English. Verbally and visually. 

Hi, I’m Corinne Swainger. I can help you turn life sciences data into focused campaigns to capture the interest of your audiences. To help you build your pharmaceutical-healthcare brands, improve medical and patient education. Or raise disease awareness. Online and off-line.

Improve your clarity & impact

Unlike many medical-healthcare writers, I didn’t start out as a scientist. So I don’t expect everyone to understand medical jargon or confusing clinical images.

But as a strategic senior medical copywriter, patient advocate and editorial consultant, I can look at new briefs with a critical and creative eye. To help you improve the clarity and impact of your pharma-healthcare communications. And maintain high content quality: From first drafts to final proofs. Across multiple marketing channels.

Based in Greater London, I’ve covered 70+ therapeutic, pharmaceutical and medical devices areas for 200+ companies, charities and healthcare providers. I focus content to reach specific audiences. Including healthcare professionals, patients, payers, sales forces, consumers and the media. Locally and globally.  

Check out my freelance medical copywriting and strategic editing support to find out if I can help you. Contact me at MediQuill Ltd, to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

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"Corinne is a reliable, capable medical copywriter"

“The healthcare writing that Corinne provided to us was accurate, clearly written, and on schedule. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end results – especially given the nature of the challenging topics we asked her to cover. We found her to be a reliable, extremely capable medical copywriter. She made a difficult crunch time go very well.”

Dr. Andree Bates
CEO and Thought Leader at Eularis
New York/London

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