Healthcare Copywriting & Consulting FAQs

Below, I’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people ask me about my freelance healthcare copywriting work, as well as my strategic editing and consultancy. If you’ve got other questions, please email me.

I provide freelance medical copywriting, research, editing and content consulting services for commercial, scientific and patient medical communications. They include focused campaigns for pharmaceutical-healthcare advertising, public relations, healthcare education, and medical affairs. 

I can help you connect with your clinical, patient, healthcare B2B, pharma sales or internal markets by:

  • Planning content strategy for new medical communications projects
  • Brainstorming new concepts with creative and branding teams
  • Developing clear, compelling healthcare messages for each audience
  • Researching current and new therapeutic areas
  • Simplifying complex scientific material
  • Presenting work to clients face-to-face and via virtual meetings
  • Consulting with medical experts and healthcare branding teams
  • Adapting copy for digital, print, audio, video and social media
  • Producing continuing medical education (CME) material
  • Ensuring content meets ethical regulations (e.g., ABPI, EFPIA)
  • Reviewing other medical writers’ work and giving feedback
  • Medical editing and proofreading

I work closely with clients, colleagues, charities and academics to develop healthcare campaigns for the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Middle East. Visit my Services page to see further details about my freelance / contract services

I provide freelance medical and healthcare copywriting, research, editing and content consulting services for commercial, life sciences and consumer health communications. 

These include targeted campaigns for pharmaceutical and healthcare technology advertising, as well as public relations, healthcare education, and medical affairs. 

I can help you connect with your clinical, patient, healthcare B2B, pharma sales or internal markets.

I work closely with clients, colleagues, charities and academics to develop healthcare campaigns for the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Middle East. Visit my Services page to see further details about my freelance / contract services.

I don’t specialise in a particular disease area, although I have a personal passion for rare diseases. However, I have covered over 70 different types of therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech and healthcare services industries.

I keep any eye on the big picture, by regularly reviewing new clinical research, healthcare trends, patient needs, and rare diseases to find out the latest news. That way, I’m ready to hit the ground running, when clients challenge me with a new healthcare copywriting or medcomms project.

If your healthcare or disease area is not shown on my Therapy Areas page, please contact me to find out if I’ve written about a related issue. 

I work with various clients, both directly and through my partnerships with medical communications agencies. 

These clients have included pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies, private hospitals, specialist clinics, medical technology companies, healthcare charities, patient advocacy groups, healthcare logistics companies, digital healthcare companies, medical publishing companies, and small healthcare businesses.

I also provide freelance healthcare copywriting, medical editing and content consulting support for medical communications agencies, on a UK, European, US and international basis.

First, to find out if I can help you, please send me an email to check my availability. We can then set up a free no obligation, phone or video conversation.

I will start by asking you several questions to understand your project brief and your audience. These queries will include details about your organisation, your mission, your healthcare communication challenges, project scope, ideal customers and timelines. The more specific your answers are, the better.

Following that, I will send you a proposal. This will outline what we’ve discussed, and the services I can provide to you, based on your project brief. The proposal will include either an hourly rate, a day rate or a fixed project quote.

Once you’re happy with the proposal I’ve sent you, I will ask you to sign a contract before I begin any healthcare copywriting or strategic work.

I can work with your team at various production stages of your medical communications project. From researching and developing content strategy, and original, creative concepts. To planning and writing targeted messages and refocusing current healthcare advertising campaigns. 

I can also provide medical editing services to optimise content clarity, readability and quality for your intended audience. 

I can work on an hourly rate or a daily rate. I can also provide a fixed project quote, if you can provide me with a detailed project brief. The total project cost will depend on various factors, including: 

  • The complexity and quantity of the work 
  • How much new content strategy and creativity are needed
  • How much background research you can provide
  • How much original research your project requires
  • If interviews are needed
  • If you need editorial management for the project
  • How quickly you need the content

If you already have a medical communications plan or healthcare marketing strategy for your project, this will make my work easier. I can then produce specific content to match your current strategic medical communications projects. 

Alternatively, I’m happy to help you develop a new, clear plan and purpose for your healthcare content, as part of my freelance medical writing and strategic consulting services.

Yes, I trade as MediQuill Ltd a VAT-registered, limited company in England and Wales. Registered Company number: 10641569.  So I charge VAT for any services I provide to my UK-based clients.

Depending on your specific needs, I can provide the following services for your healthcare comms project:

  • Background reading and research, including interviews (if required)
  • Researching and planning a multi-media medical content strategy, if needed
  • Relevant telephone calls/e-mails/video conferencing related to the project
  • A first draft of compelling, quality medical content
  • Up to two rounds of editorial content revisions, as needed
  • Proofreading of all content drafts
  • Checking that the content meets relevant codes of practice (e.g., ABPI, EFPIA
  • Marking up relevant reference packs
  • Copyright ownership of the final content

If more than two rounds of content revisions are needed to your healthcare content, I will charge for these extra revisions on an additional, hourly basis. 

Please visit my Services page to review my extensive freelance healthcare copywriting and consulting services.

I can discuss new projects by Zoom, Teams, Skype, telephone and/or video conferencing. 

Depending on my availability, I may be able to meet you in person, for project briefings, creative brainstorms, and presentations in the Greater London area. 

I find face-to-face meetings can often help me to get to know your team better, and understand your specific medical communications needs. I may charge extra for these in-person meetings, depending on their frequency and time.

Yes. I will need you or a member of your company to sign a freelance healthcare copywriting contract to confirm the agreed project scope, services and fees. I will send you my full terms and conditions to review along with the contract.

I can also sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before discussing any new business.

Like many other freelance healthcare writers, my availability varies. Sometimes, I can be managing a few projects with different deadlines. Or I may be committed to a 2-3-month contract.

The best way to find out my current availability is to e-mail me, and give me as much notice as possible about your specific medical content writing project.

Please provide me with as much notice as possible about any upcoming projects you may want my medical copywriting, editing or consulting services for. Even if your project may not start for a few weeks or months. 

This notice will allow me to check my availability, and possibly set aside some future time for your project.

Yes, I can send you samples of my portfolio that have already been launched, published, presented at public meetings or openly distributed online.

You can also review some of my client case studies for a flavour of my work.

However, much of my medical content writing work is confidential. So I will not be able to share that with you.  Please let me know the type of medical content marketing you want to produce and/or the healthcare therapy area(s) you are working on.

Yes. Please visit my Clients page to see several recommendations from satisfied clients and colleagues that I have worked with as a freelance medical copywriter, medical editor and consultant.

Although I do not write or edit medical manuscripts (peer-review journal articles) or theses, I can translate this clinical data into medical content marketing.

While I wrote various journal manuscripts in my early career, I soon realised I loved crafting creative, digital healthcare campaigns and interactive medical education a lot more.

Also, I am not a regulatory medical writer.